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Life at Athashri

A place to start a new Life

Athashri is brought to you by Athashri Homes Pvt. Ltd, a Paranjape Schemes venture, the pioneers in developing housing projects for senior citizens in the country. The thought behind the Athashri project is simple yet profound. We understand that seniors need to live a life filled with independence, freedom, security and dignity. So we caringly created an environment that encourages you to experience things that have been on integral part of your life, at the sometime enjoy moments that you may have missed out in life as you were busy fulfilling your responsibilities. Now spend your afternoons sharing sweet moments with your better half, strengthen your cultural bonds, celebrate festivals, make new friends, meet like-minded couples or create memorable moments and live life to the fullest. There is never a dull moment at Athashri. Every facility at Athashri is designed to help you lead a better lifestyle in your senior years.

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Superlative Lifestyle

Secure Living

Your Safety and 24×7 Security…
That’s our top priority!

We understand your concern for safety and desire to live a secure life and hence, have well trained
security staff at all the Athashri premises, providing round-the-clock security. The premises are
completely fenced with adequate lighting at night. Each home is provided with a panic switch or alarm
bell facility for emergencies. Here, you can enjoy a life with complete peace of mind.

Security Features

  • CCTV Cameras – To cover the premises against thefts & intruders
  • Well-equipped fire security systems – To prevent any fire outbreak
  • Intercom facility – To ensure convenient living any time of the day or night

Healing Touch

We understand the urgency, during an emergency!

Medical emergencies do not come with a warning. And that is exactly why, we, at Athashri provide medical facilities
like doctor on call and 24×7 availability of ambulance. Athashri has well-equipped amenities required to lead a
healthy life and offer prompt asisstance round-the-clock. All medical data / history of each member is stored which
is accessed and updated regularly.

Medical Services:

  • Doctor on call – For the times when visiting the doctor’s clinic is not possible
  • Regular check-ups – To monitor your health
  • Tie-ups with leading hospitals – To provide you with all the necessary medical assistance
  • 24×7 ambulance facility – For any unforeseen emergencies

Food and Meals

We know that the way to your ‘healthy’ heart is through the stomach!

At Athashri, residents don’t have to worry about grocery shopping, meal preparation, or even coffee brewing. Instead, they get to enjoy a fine dining experience every day of the week. The food tastes good, alternative meals are also offered and food is prepared considering the dietary needs and well-being of the residents. Food is prepared with utmost diligence and attention, making sure the right ingredients go in the right amounts. Even a diabetic person in Athashri does not worry about sugar quantities. The food can also be delivered to your home whenever you wish to.

Domestic Help

Here, there is no need to worry about whether the bed is made or the room is clean. All of that is taken care of by our professional and skilled housekeeping staff, who will clean every nook and corner, so that residents enjoy a hassle free life. A regular maintenance schedule is maintained for all the facilities. Emphasis is given on the cleanliness of the entire premises.

Senior Friendly Construction

The inside specifications of homes are also well taken care of. Kitchen platforms are also low in height to help seniors on wheel chair to cook while they are seated. We provide 1KVA power supply to each apartment, which becomes a boon to these seniors during power cuts. Each home is provided with panic switch or alarm bell facility for emergencies. The entire Athashri premise is wheel chair enabled, for comfort and well-being.

Inner Wellness

A piece of land where you’ll attain the utmost peace of mind!

Athashri is a habitat for seniors where in they can experience warmth, freedom, companionship, friendships, culture, celebrations and build a vibrant community with a sense of belonging. It is your safe haven where you can live a secure life, peacefully. Since we take care of your daily needs and necessities right from food, cleanliness, health and security, you are free to enjoy a hassle-free and carefree life!

Convenient Life

At Athashri, we realise that age may not allow you to take up many day-to-day activities. As a matter of fact, you may not even have time to go looking for services that are important to you. Keeping this in mind, a whole range of essential services are offered.

Thoughtful services

  • Easy bill payment – Pay your electricity, telephone bills, etc. without leaving the comfort of your home
  • Doorstep banking – Personalised banking services including depositing cheques, opening FDs, updating passbooks, managing your assets, etc.
  • Shuttle bus service – To make it easier to move around in the premises & in the city
  • Maintenance – Well-trained electricians, plumbers, etc. are available on call

Key features

  • 24 Hours Security
  • Health Club
  • Swimming Pool
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Temple
  • Library

Why Athashri

Where life begins at 55...

"Hey let's play carom today. I'm bored with playing cards every other afternoon!" "Or we could go out for a movie...the new one with Deepika Padukone is a super-hit, I heard." "But when is the drama team's practice? I want to watch it." These are not college students discussing how to spend their afternoons during vacation; nor teenagers looking forward to their annual cultural program. It's a bunch of senior citizens living a post-retirement life in Athashri, by Paranjape Schemes! Athashri' is home to over 1100 happy families who are enjoying a secure and fun-filled life. Athashri yearly calender is planned including variety of cultural programs like 'Anandghan' where-in all the Athashri residents perform singing, dancing and theatre programs together, as a team and more importantly, as a family, enjoying every moment of it. Even the people above 80 years of age whose hands shivers have a spirit to come and perform. This is the vibrant community of like-minded seniors living a vibrant life. Athashri beckons you to discover and experience this unique lifestyle!
  • Athashri is brought to you by Paranjape Schemes,developing housing projects for senior citizens in the country. With many years of experience and also with an ISO certification.
  • Athashri Homes Pvt.Ltd. is the service provider for all Athashri projects & for its management system ISO 9001..2008 certificate has been awarded, for providing facility management services to senior citizens staying in Athashri Complex.
  • Athashri projects have been recognized as 'An Innovative Segment Of Residential Real Estate' by World Best Innovation, 2014, and the project has been awarded the 'Best Residential Project' in the Innovative Project Segment in 2007.