NRIs and Assisted Living


Life is a long journey. It takes you on a ride every day that you choose to get out of your bed and explore the limitless world. It is an experience that varies from person to person. For some it might be simple, working and living with their families. For some, it could be tough like the NRIs that have chosen to live in a foreign country for work.

One of the most critical and tough decisions that they had to make was to leave their parents back in India and move to another country. No parent would ever want their children to feel deprived of the success that he or she deserves even if they miss your presence here. They always want what’s best for their children and so the children also want what’s best for them!

While you are providing for their comforts, after a certain age, it becomes difficult for the elderly to keep up with the day-to-day activities. With an idea to provide an effortlessly comfortable lifestyle for your parents in a community of like-minded people, Paranjape Schemes presents “Aastha”, a senior assisted living project by Athashri.

Aastha: A Haven for Your Elderly

The “Athashri” concept was developed two decades ago with the idea to provide comprehensive housing needs for senior citizens. With, “Aastha” we have taken a step further to ensure that the elderlies are given proper multi- faceted assistance to live a healthy, carefree and dignified life.

“Aastha” caters to the social and personal requirements of the elderly who need assistance with daily activities and need medical care yet who desire and deserve to age with dignity. “Aastha” includes multiple facilities and programs that provide assistance in medical needs and daily activities such as bathing, dressing and dietary requirements.

Assisted Living at “Aastha” is all about caring for aging loved ones and making them feel at home. Dedicated residential caregiving staff takes care of these senior residents 24x7. This team also provides personal care and supports them to enable lead a joyful, safe and comfortable life. Thus, they get to live an independent and hassle-free life which they always wanted. Every day at “Aastha” is different and happening. Along with the usual activities based on the hobbies of the individuals, the team at “Aastha” also hosts daily events which are unique in their own way.

Some of the features of “Aastha are:

  • The elderlies at Aastha are free from social isolation
  • The elderly can be a part of an existing community of educated, like- minded people from all walks of life
  • Effortless housekeeping and laundry services
  • Nutritious and delicious meals throughout the day

Facilities at Aastha

The facilities are specially designed to care for seniors. This multi-tiered approach to taking care of the older generation has been very effective at helping them maintain their dignity and independence. All services at Aastha prioritize quality which are offered to them at affordable rates. The infrastructure is extremely well-built to take care of everything that is required by all the frail and dependant seniors.

FAQs About Aastha and Assisted Living

What is Aastha?

Aastha is all about uniquely caring for aging loved ones and making them feel at home. Aastha by Athashri offers assisted living services that cater to the social and personal requirements of the elderly who need assistance with daily activities and healthcare yet also desire and deserve to age with dignity. Aastha includes multiple facilities that provide assistance with medical aid and support in daily activities such as bathing, dressing and dietary requirements. Our residential caregiver’s team provides personal care and supports to enable the senior citizens to lead a joyful, safe and comfortable life as they get to live an independent and hassle-free life they always wanted.

What do you mean by assisted living?

Assisted Living is a supportive senior living option promoting independence and personal dignity in a safe, home-like environment. Help with the tasks of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, evening care, and medicines monitoring, is personally tailored to each individual’s personal needs and preferences. In Assisted Living, a resident makes their home in a private room with the availability of maintenance, housekeeping, and laundry services, and has full access to the community’s full array of amenities featuring an active lifestyle that includes ample access to entertainment, recreation, dining, and transportation.

Who might need assisted living?

It is for people who:

  • Need help with personal care, such as bathing and grooming, dressing, toileting, feeding, etc.
  • Need monitoring of routine health
  • Don’t require 24-hour nursing care
  • Need help managing medicines
  • Are at increased risk of falling
  • Feel isolated or lonely
  • Want to be a part of a vibrant community of peers
  • Enjoy social activities and programs, but don’t have access to transportation
  • Prefer a maintenance-free lifestyle in a safe environment

What services does Aastha provide?


  • Trained caregivers & nursing staff
  • Daily monitoring by a doctor & medicines management
  • Emergency medical assistance
  • On-site consulting room
  • Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation facility
  • Diagnostic facilities
  • 24 hours ambulance service
  • Tie-ups with leading hospitals
  • High-level of hygiene & cleanliness
  • Assisted devices
  • Panel of specialist doctors including Geriatric Psychiatrist
  • Family counselling



  • Fully furnished and secured rooms
  • Wheelchair-enabled design
  • Elder-friendly furniture
  • Wide passages with railings for easy walking
  • Elder-friendly bathrooms
  • Lifts including a stretcher lift
  • Solar power generation & water heating


  • Fire-fighting system
  • Adequate lights with 100% generator backup
  • Floor lights to minimize the glare during the night
  • Nurse call system
  • CCTV monitoring in common areas
  • Non-skid flooring tiles


  • Balanced food as per individual requirements
  • Housekeeping and laundry services
  • 24X7 security
  • Supply of medicines and consumables
  • Maintenance of the facility
  • Setting up appointments and providing transportation
  • Entertainment activities and library

How much does assisted living at Aastha cost?

There are various available packages for short-term and long-term stay. There also are additional services that you can opt for. The assisted living at Aastha starts from ₹35,000.

Assisted living is a pragmatic choice considering the age and health of the elderly. Some families may continue struggling with this ethical dilemma, but there may come a time when it’s no longer ideal for a senior loved one to live on their own. At Aastha, we not only prioritize the health of your loved ones but also ensure that they have a great time and enjoy themselves with their peers. We have created a safe and homely environment where they can live comfortably, and you can live a stress-free life no matter which country you reside in.

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NRIs and Assisted Living

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