Reskilling Construction Technology !!


The culturally rich and technologically advanced city of Pune has truly gained a reputation in the international markets all across the globe. This is owing to the tremendous development it is consistently growing through. Since everything about the city is evolving, there grew a need for workspaces that accommodate these newfound ambitions and nurture them to their full potential.

The Ever-growing Western Corridor of Pune

Hinjawadi is located close to the NH4 in the western suburbs of Pune. Being the focal point of the IT/ITeS revolution in Pune, it has a well-developed physical infrastructure and offers excellent connectivity to other parts of the city, as well as to Mumbai. An abundance of land was available to create vast IT campuses of international standards with high-quality development of the road, electricity, and water provided by MIDC from the beginning of Phase-I.

Hinjawadi known as Punes’ IT Hub

Hinjewadi’s upsurge began in the year 1998 when the foundation of the IT zone was laid down. As a result, the 2800 acres of the Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, also known as Hinjewadi IT Park, came into existence. With the rapid growth in hands, Hinjewadi soon became an investment hotbed. There is no better place to live and work in Pune than Hinjewadi.

  • Robust commercial, social and civic infrastructure
  • Great connectivity and convenience
  • Plenty of space to view rest or explore

The IT hubs of Hinjawadi have attracted the working-class community of both young and middle-aged individuals as this area offers an effortless work-life balance. Hinjawadi currently has 3 operational phases in the IT sector with a proposed Phase 4 as well. As the IT sector grows, it will generate more employment opportunities which will lead to more migration.

At Hinjawadi, you can always gain a lot of exposure as it is essentially a community of like-minded people. The optimum development of this area provides premium lifestyle amenities. Overall, the saturation of the core areas of Pune, along with growing employment opportunities in the region, have been the main drivers for its development.


During these changing times, the only way to keep up with the world is to adapt and keep yourself up-to-date. This SEZ premises is ideal nurturing environment where your business will flourish and achieve new heights of success.

The Phase-III of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) was initiated in late August 2019, considering the urgent completion of the incubation requirement due to SEZ sunset clause. The project execution planning had to be done unconventionally. During planning, various construction methodologies were evolved to evaluate the project impact based on commercial, quality, time, and safety.

Around 350 workers were involved in this unlike in any other conventional construction we would have required around 850. Utilizing the precast construction aided in saving time and reduced dependency on labour deployment. It helped in maintaining high-quality standards due to factory-produced elements and improved site safety and management due to less man movement. Boosted the conservation of water at the site as elements were steam cured or cured in curing ponds at production yards which assisted in reducing wastage of water. The pre-casting stood out strong on numerous evaluation scores and the project logistics were planned precisely to facilitate the precast element movement and its storage. The element requirement was broken down into multiple production zones so that the production could be maximized, to ensure quality checks and on-time installation. The total slab constructed is around 15.85 lacs sq.ft. To break it further, Basement is 7.5 mtr, Ground floor 4.3 mtr, 3 podium parking floors – 5.5 mtrs and 11 office floors – 4.2 mtr. The precast assisted in the completion of about 1 Lakh sq.ft every 19 days. Cranage and crane positions were thoroughly planned to maximize the installation output and also to provide a further work front for the civil finishes. /p>

The project was structurally designed to aid in the simplification of the production and the installation by reducing the junction dependency. This is one of few projects where 9 MTR basement retaining walls were done in precast, that too during the extended monsoon period. The columns have also been executed in precast which also aided in faster execution. As precast RCC requires about one third of the total labour as required for conventional RCC construction, the COVID lockdowns did not impact the project progress significantly in comparison to other projects.

The RCC construction was completed in a record time of 16 months, which is a milestone in the total project work !

Features of the SEZ

A 7-lane road within the SEZ makes the vehicular movement easy, resulting in a smooth drive. The cafeteria present within the periphery of SEZ has the provision of a café, crèche, gym, and outdoor event space. There is a bus park inside the campus for designated buses. The needs of differently-abled people are also considered, as the entire campus is designed according to those specifics as well. The entire SEZ has been designed according to a well-articulated layout plan. The only motive here is to provide a self-sustaining SEZ.

  • Pre-certified IGBC Platinum
  • Large floor plates
  • Highly efficient premises
  • Rooftop solar
  • Destination control lifts
  • Façade fins for heat reduction
  • Express feeder power tap-off
  • Dedicated water supply
  • Business incubators ready to provide the best corporate facilities
  • 35,000 sq.ft of green open spaces


Blue Ridge Township, Hinjawadi, spans across 138 acres and is crafted with unparalleled ready infrastructure. It hosts a well-balanced lifestyle embellished with all modern civic amenities

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Reskilling Construction Technology !!

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