When you are a part of any Paranjape project, you are welcomed into a vibrant and lively community that truly reflects the sense of oneness. The Happiness Network, as we call it, is synonymous with the spirit of New India where diverse people come together to form one harmonious community. The core idea of the network is to spread the feeling of belongingness to all our families. Neighbors becoming friends or even family is a reality at Paranjape. Paranjape Schemes also conducts several community events that include Paranjape Super League, Ganarang, Anandghan and much more. These are only few examples to illustrate how all roads at Paranjape lead to a vibrant, happy life. Come experience the rest!

We are there for you!


Post Possession Assistance

Even after possession, we are there for you. We offer support for settling down in your new home in the following ways:

  • Our round the clock team is always ready to help you with any of your maintenance and repair tasks.
  • We are there to establish your contact with local vendors and suppliers for home comfort.
  • We also lend a helping hand in society formation.

Refer & earn

Your love for Paranjape homes is boundless and that's why we ask you to spread it in the following steps:

  • Share your word of mouth and suggest Paranjape homes to your friends and relatives.
  • Earn up to 1% referral for every single client referred to us.
  • You can also get rewarded with free trips or goodies throughout the year.

Paranjape Newsletter: News & Views

Presenting an exclusive newsletter which brings fresh and updated news about all the happenings of the Paranjape. Check it out:

  • News from various societies are posted here.
  • It is a golden chance for all the members to share their pieces of art with all the members.

Happiness Network Digital Society Management Software App

This app has been solely created to serve the residents with:

  • Updates on all the recent and future events at Paranjape Schemes
  • News & Views - Happiness Network Newsletter can be downloaded from here
  • You can register all your maintenance related queries on this app

Rental & resale assistance

We are ready to back you up even when it comes to rental and resale support:

  • We hold a wide & extensive resale and rental database which permits us to provide support in this sphere.
  • We furnish a thoroughly screened list of local brokers/channel partners for assistance.
  • We offer support for rental agreements.
  • We exhibit clear transparency in transactions.

sports activities

Paranjape family has crafted a special segment of sports activities for all those who find themselves in sports activities:

  • 'Paranjape Schemes Premier League' translates into Football tournaments for sports enthusiasts.
  • 'Paranjape Super League' is an exclusive event hosting Cricket tournaments for all the Cricket enthusiasts.

Cultural events

We at Paranjape celebrate the diversity of culture, religion, and passion in full spirits. Here's a glimpse:

  • 'Ganarang' event is organised during the Ganpati festival where members from all the societies come and take part in various dance and drama competitions.
  • 'Paranjape Dandiya Raas' event where people dance to the beats of traditional music of Dandiya.
  • 'Anandghan' event brings together all the senior citizens to showcase their talents.
  • 'Happiness Network Creative Katta' where innovative and helpful activities are organised for society members of all age groups.

Happiness Network Business Associate

We are there for our Paranjape family in every aspect; whether it is about a happy living or a flourishing business. Have a look at this particular concept:

  • This specific wing of Happiness Network is to promote the entrepreneurs among our Paranjape members.
  • It gives a chance to promote their businesses within our client base of 45k customers.
  • Whether one is running a coaching class, cookery class, art class, restaurant or any other kind of service, you will be eligible to get your business advertised on our app or newsletter.

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