"Technology is BEST when it brings people together", this is so true in today's world and especially with our vibrant 'Happiness Network' community! We have started all our 'Happiness Network' events to bring people together and enjoy those events thoroughly.

Going one step ahead, we have launched 'Happiness Network App' during Ganarang 2017 Grand Finale which was presented by our MD, Shashank Paranjape. Creating and developing 'Happiness Network App' is a brainchild of Amit Paranjape, Head Business Development, PSCL. This is the best example of younger generation adding contemporary touch to the business!

This 'Happiness Network App' will give you updates about our upcoming events, photos of our events, 'Happiness Network Creative Katta' activities, HN newsletter articles and so on. This will help you all to keep yourself updated about all HN activities. You can also share your article to be uploaded on this app.

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E-rase the e-waste!

Managing e-waste is a major problem we are facing today. Rapid technological upgradation makes the existing products obsolete. Newer products are brought in bulk without thinking about the accumulation of e-waste. Our responsibility doesn’t really end after throwing away the waste.

Landscape glitterati!

Lighting system plays a vital role in landscape design. Lighting allows you to use your outdoors during night. By using outdoor lighting, many landscape features can be highlighted during night which may not be seen prominently in day light. Lighting is required for safety and security, for accentuating and for clear vision.

Rajlaxmi Sudhir Chavan

Play Class
Age: 3 years 10 months
School: Oriental English Academy's, K.G., Primary School and High school, Kolhapur.

Three sons and a bundle of sticks

Once upon a time, an old man lived with his three sons in a village. All his three sons were hard workers. Still, none of them agreed with each other and quarrelled all the time.

Book of the month

The awesomely prolific Nora Roberts (Whiskey Beach) entices readers with this blend of romance and sizzling suspense.

Recently Athashri apartments condominium, Pashan celebrated its tenth anniversary. A small function to commemorate the occasion was held in the premise. Tree plantation drive followed by soothing musical event for all the residents marked the celebrations. Shashank Paranjape and Sudesh Khatavkar planted saplings along with the residents of the society.


Communicating effectively with another culture is a major concern confronting us today. The globalised world has made it easy,

From the grandma’s kitchen we used to steal a few recipes with a sole intention of presenting them to the world. Words of appreciation were guaranteed! Nothing tastes better than grandma-styled cooking.

Hello Friends,

The most contributions to a handprint painting in 24 hours is 8,626 and was .achieved by Paranjape Schemes Construction Limited (PSCL).

Watermelons are the summer refreshers one savours while the Sun is shining bright. Everyone, from kids to oldies love this red and juicy fruit. Watermelon is one natural coolant, writes Pradnya Karnik, resident of Paranjape Schemes

Resident of Athashri, Captain Subhash Patwardhan lived his dream of exploring Indonesia and Bali, recently. Given below are some beautiful explorations which made him fall in love with the places

In spite of lot of unrest, several destructive attacks that Kashi had to face, the place really developed well. Especially during the reign of the British and Marathas. Interestingly, even the Jain and Boudha monks helped to make it what it is today