When you are a part of any Paranjape project, you are welcomed into a lively & vibrant community of 75,000+ residents across 200+ projects that truly reects the sense of oneness. The Happiness Network, as we call it, is synonymous with the spirit of New India where diverse people come together to form one harmonious community. The core idea of the network is to spread the feeling of belongingness to all our families. Neighbours becoming friends or even family is a reality at Paranjape. These are only a few examples to illustrate how all roads at Paranjape lead to a vibrant, happy life. Come experience the rest

Your business is about to flourish!

The challenges are knocking on your door. You are in the driver’s seat to steer your business towards success. With Trident Business Park, the uniquely designed office and shop spaces are bound to attract potential business and you will have just one option – gear up because good business is coming your way!


  • 100% Power Backup for Common Areas, Shops & Offices
  • Designated Provision for ODU
  • Firefighting System
  • Designated Parking Area
  • Provision for Toilet
  • Separate Service Centre

Floor Plans

Ground Floor


First Floor


Second Floor


Third Floor



Trident business Park