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World Senior Citizen Day celebrations and felicitation of esteemed veterans Hindustan Times, Kesari, Navrashtra,
Maharashtra Times, Navbharat(Pune Plus),
Prabhat, Pudhari, Punyanagari, Sakal,
Shrikant Paranjape’s candid advice on the right time to buy a home Maharashtra-Times, Sakal (Pune Today)30/09/2017
Tree Plantation Drive by Paranjape Schemes Kesari, Loksatta,
Maharashtra Times,
Samana, Sakal
04/07/2017, 05/07/2017,
08/07/2017 & 09/07/2017
Senior Citizen Housing Project of the Year Award to Athashri Pudhari, Loksatta,
Kesari, Sakal
Dr. Madhuri Kanetkar felicitates successful women and speaks of felicitation of men as well who support women in their lives on the occasion of Women's Day Kesari, Pudhari,
Maharashtra Times,
Prabhat, Punyagiri,
Sakal, Aaj Ka Anand,
Lokmat, Navrashtra
15/03/2017, 09/03/2017,
09/03/2017, 09/03/2017,
11/03/2017, 10/03/2017,
11/03/2017, 09/03/2017,
Shrikant Paranjape shares his view on the effects of the Budget 2017-2018 on the real estate sector Prabhat, Aaj Ka Anand (Pune Plus),
Kesari, Navbharat (Pune Plus)
02/02/2017 &
Insight into the importance of considering redevelopment in real estate sector while forming the yearly financial planPrabhat31/01/2017
India's very first exclusive township for Senior Living constructed by Paranjape Schemes & Athashri Senior Living Expo's events and press conferences by Paranjape Schemes Maharashtra Times,
Prabhat, Kesari
Maharashtra Times,
Navbaharat (Pune Plus),
Aaj Ka Anand,
Lomat (Hello Pune),
Maharashtra Times
17/11/2017 &
Options Unlimited: Showcase of the various projects by Paranjape Schemes Prabhat, Punyagiri,
Aaj Ka Anand, Kesari,
Lokmat (Hello Pune),
Navbharat (Pune Plus),
Pudhari, Sakal, Samana
The new arrival in luxury living: Skyone by Paranjape SchemesFinancial Chronicle 08/11/2016
Superlative luxury living brought to you by Paranjape SchemesForbes Magazine Febraury - March
Video Interview of Amit Paranjape on 'Ghar Swapnanchae' on Zee 24 TassZee 24 Tass (Channel) 12/03/2016
Ultra Luxury Project of the Year Award to Skyone Pudhari, Kesari19/01/2016
Successful Completion of Athashri's Cricket League Lok Diksha, Namaste Gujarat,Oasis News29/03/2016
Times I-Pledge I-Change Campaign Support by Paranjape Schemes Times of India,Maharashtra Times26/11/2014
Shashank Paranjape Interview and ProfileThe Economic Times Wealth 18/08/2014
Paranjape Schemes supports Swapnabhuti Foundation and its endeavour to set social work as their goal through sports skills.Maharashtra Times