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Athashri is a Senior Citizen Housing Concept carefully created by experts keeping in mind every aspect of Seniors’ lifestyle, Athashri is the place where Seniors can truly enjoy a dignified, safe, healthy, hassle-free and joyful life.

Founder's Note


Managing Director

Athashri is not a project but a purpose. It is a dream; that began around the turn of the century, nearly two decades ago, at a time when young people were moving overseas in search of better opportunities. These youngsters were constantly plagued by worry for their parents, who were left behind in India because they could not be there to take care of them personally. Our desire to do something for these families. That is how Athashri – a unique concept in senior citizen living which provides a family-like care for Seniors, was born....We then worked tirelessly with experts in the area to turn this dream into a reality. Athashri was carefully created keeping in mind every aspect of Seniors’ Lifestyle, thoughtful construction design, special healthcare, maintenance & security services, daily conveniences and even social activities! Our purpose was to enable our seniors to lead a dignified, safe, healthy, hassle-free and joyful life. The Paranjape family does not view Athashri as just another real estate project. It genuinely cares about this purpose. Family members are personally involved in supervising managed living at Athashri you can say it’s our way of giving back to society. In my humble opinion, I think that is what finally makes all the difference.
Today it gives us great joy to look back and see how Athashri has grown over the years into India’s largest senior citizen community. But our work is far from done yet. And we promise to keep this dream alive as we pass on the torch to the next generation.

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Athashri stands tall on a 6-Point Senior Living Philosophy, which encompasses all the dimensions related to a senior citizen's lifestyle.


24x7 Security
CCTV Camera


Fitness Club


Tie-up with Hospitals

Hassle Free

Maintenance Service


Dining Facility


Transport Services

Exquisite Amenities

Every Athashri has amenities that promote a healthy, full, enjoyable & sociable life for seniors. These typically include:

Athashri’s presence in India

Over the years Athashri has grown to become India’s largest senior citizen community, with more than 2000 senior families already enjoying life at Athashri. There are 6 Athashri’s in Pune itself – including the largest..Athashri Valley, Bhugaon and the recently launched Athashri Pebbles in Bavdhan. Athashri is also present in in Vadodara, Bengaluru. Athashri also plans to expand to USA in the near future.

Special Services

Perhaps this is Athashri’s most compelling feature, and what makes life here so safe, convenient and stress free. The range of services encompasses:


24X7 CCTV Surveillance.
Security at main gate.
Security at the reception.


Guest Rooms

Daily housekeeping.
Access to the dining court can be used by friends family.


Resident Manager

Life is so much easier and better when you have someone to take care of you, someone to turn to in times of need. The Resident Manager at Athashri is not just another employee doing just another job…he is your go-to person. He genuinely cares, and you can call him anytime you feel the need.

Dining Facilities

At Athashri you can retire from kitchen work too if you please…because every Athashri has a dining area where fresh, healthy and tasty home style meals are served daily. Variety is the spice of life, so there’s a new menu every day, which can be customised in case you have any special dietary requirements. And in case you need some advice, there’s a nutritionist available to help you. All you have to do is drop by the dining room which has ample indoor and outdoor seating, or simply let us know in advance and we’ll deliver to your doorstep.

food menu

Ageing in Place

No matter where we may go, home is finally where we are most comfortable. However as time goes by, we may face everyday challenges that make living at home difficult, and at times even impossible. That’s why our experts have introduced thoughtful design and specifications that enable you to continue to stay comfortably in your home for the longest possible time. These may seem like simple touches, but they make a big difference to your everyday life. For instance, moving around is so much simpler when you have wider doors & railingsthroughout the common areas. Using the toilet independently is no longer a worry thanks to wheelchair enabled toilets, roll in showers, grab bars and of course anti skid tiles (which in fact are there throughout the apartment). And safety is enhanced with video door phones, emergency pulls & stretcher lifts. So you can enjoy your senior years comfortably and safely…in your own home.

Typical day at Athashri

Every day at Athashri is not just full but fulfilling. You can start with a morning walk with your special group of friends or do some yoga & meditation if you prefer. Follow it up with a healthy breakfast at the dining hall. Spend your morning pleasurably in the outdoor library or art studio, or playing a game of carom maybe. Then it’s back to the cafeteria for a tasty lunch, after which you can retire for an afternoon siesta. Step out into the garden in the evening, catch a game of tennis and follow it up with a refreshing dip in the pool. Chat with friends over dinner as another lovely day at Athashri draws to a close.

Start your day with a morning walk

Step out into the garden

Catch a game in the evening

Cultural Programs

At Athashri you have the opportunity to get back to the artistic pursuits you may have given up on. Anandgan is an annual cultural program open to all Athashrians. There is healthy competition in categories like dance, music and drama. Participate, or cheer your friends…either way it’s a wonderful experience. Athshrians can also participate in Ganrang, the annual cultural fest of all societies that are part of Paranjape’s Happiness Network. Apart from the annual fests, every Athashri organizes 1-2 programs each month that could be performances by local artists, talks on relevant subjects etc.

Tales of Athahsri


Being born and brought up in Mumbai, fast life of Mumbaihad become a part of my life.. At the same moment, I waslooking out for places... I love hill stations.. And this place..Forest Trail Athashri B2... gives me peace and serenity.. Peacockscome to wake me up, that is my alarm! Lots of trees.. Lotsof fresh air.. During the rains, clouds visit to my place.. I gotmuch more I have bargained for..After coming here, I really feel, I am at peace with myself..That grind, high stuck has converted into peace...This divine serenity has come to my life quiet accidentally..And I am thankful to my cousin and his wife for this ...Looking at things in a different way, not constantly worriedabout things anymore.. That is the kind of change I haveexperienced after coming to Athashri Valley.


After staying in US for more than 30 years, we decided to move to India. We came here in ‘Athashri’ quite coincidently, I must say. As I love to interact with people, this is the right place for me! People here are very friendly, cultured and having similar thought process. Being President of Athashri for almost 6 years, I have initiated many programs and implemented new policies. I love doing social service, which I started in US. Here at Athashri as well, I try to contribute wherever possible. I love to sing and dance so I take part in all the competitions organized by Paranjapes every year and thoroughly enjoy that. All this makes us forget our age! We are very happy with our decision of buying a home in ‘Athashri’.


I got to know about 'Athashri' from my friend and we decidedto move on here 2 years back. The weather here is so goodand that is the reason we are in the pink of our health and didnot find any reason to visit our Doctor even once.I just love the concept of 'Athashri' and enjoyed it thoroughlyfrom the moment I started staying here.. Got many friends ofmy age.. We conduct many programs here every week.. I liketo pursue 'Paurohitya' (priesthood) so we celebrate everyfestival with zest. Time flies here so fast.. In fact we, feelthere is not enough time for us to enjoy more..


We have booked 2 flats in 'Athashri' in 2016 for my motherand my in-laws. We, both loved this concept and place somuch that we also decided to shift here in 2017. We all arestaying together in such a beautiful ambience.. With somuch peace.. A place where we don't need to worry aboutsecurity, food and all. Everything is being taken care hereso well. Thanks to Paranjapes for coming up with such athoughtful concept of 'Athashri'


Having more than 48 years experience in IT field and having stayed and workedabroad for many years, me and wife came to India in 2015 due to healthproblems faced by her. We started looking for a good place in India and we got toknow about 'Athashri' from one of my relatives. So we shifted here.I like staying in 'Athashri' for 2 main reasons. First is, the maid service so I don'tneed to worry about anything and another is canteen facility. I found it veryuseful especially after the demise of my better half. As I have made many friendshere, I am living here happily. Being Chairman for more than 3 years, I tookvarious initiatives here and implemented it successfully.I keep myself extremely busy throughout the day. I go for a morning walk everyday for almost 2 hours. Then with the help of Paranjapes, I have redecoratedcourtyards of our building. We have table tennis, pool table, indoor games likechess, carom in these courtyards which all of us are enjoying.


We both are staying in Athashri Bavdhan since 2007. We reallyloved this concept of ‘Athashri’ and found it very assuring!We are living such a hassle-free life here at ‘Athashri’, many thanksto Paranjape brother for coming up with this unique concept. Weboth enjoy here and having relaxed life. We don’t need to worryabout anything here. All the services required are at yourdoorstep… such as maid service, canteen facility, and so manyothers. Our Resident Manager is always there to help us.We feel lucky to have come here and this would be our last stop aswe will not go anywhere else now!

Yatin Karekar

Renowned Actor

Aruna Gokhle

Ex British Airways

Anuja Divekar

Ex. Banker

Mr. & Mrs. Lele


Mr. Subhash Joshi


Mr. & Mrs. Achyut Gokhale

Padmashri Awardee

Awards & ISO certification